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Dr. Edward Sri provides an approachable but in-depth exploration of what it means to be a disciple of Christ. At the outset, he emphasizes the importance of every Christian’s developing the desire to be a true disciple of Christ and gives the reader a first glimpse of what the life of a disciple looks like.

As the book progresses, he unfolds what a true encounter of love with Christ entails and explores the transforming power of God’s grace. He also offers for consideration the four habits of a disciple: prayer, the breaking of bread (the Sacraments), fellowship, and the teaching of the Apostles. The book concludes with a powerful call to fulfill every Christian’s mission of evangelization. Into His Likeness is a down-to-earth and tremendously valuable handbook for anyone wishing to pursue Christ wholeheartedly.

“Too many people have a cold, impersonal faith. In Into His Likeness, Dr. Edward Sri shatters this view and leads us on a breathtaking journey into a personal relationship with Jesus.” – JENNIFER FULWILER, author and radio host

“Sri offers a roadmap to aid the disciple of Jesus through their lifelong transformation in Christ. Theologically rich and eminently practical, this book provides the basis for hours of fruitful discussion.” Curtis Martin, founder of FOCUS 


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