El Anillo es Para Siempre (The Ring is Forever) - Case of 10 Books - $6 per book. Over 60% Off!


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For the first time ever, we are excited to offer a Spanish language book that is not a translation of a previously released English title. This book was written in Spanish by a native speaker specifically for the Spanish-speaking world.

A wedding ring is something very special, and we normally wear it at all times because it signifies the most important things in our lives. It symbolizes our marriage relationship, our family, our children, our home, and the blessings of God, as well as many other things. Fr. Ángel asks: “How can such a small object— a ring—signify something so great: love and fidelity?”

In these pages, he offers us the answer. With a simple approach to the marital commitment, and using the visible appearance of the wedding ring, Fr. Ángel teaches us about the profound plan that God has for marriage. In his unique style, he brings us from tears to laughter, oftentimes on the same page, to remind us that, like the ring, marriage is forever.


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